Demand Better

This documentary powerfully tells the story of three families who struggle with Substance Use Disorder and why we need to do better in how we manage pain in this country. Our family could have been in this documentary. This story is our story and the story of far too many families. June use to signalContinue reading “Demand Better”

Band of Brothers

When Taylor started this journey, I didn’t realize how many beautiful people and and families we would meet. Families with children who were struggling with Substance Use Disorders. Families that were holding on by a thread. When Taylor was in a collegiate recovery program in Raleigh, NC he made some amazing friends. The kind youContinue reading “Band of Brothers”

Shoulder Surgery and a bottle of Percocet.

Taylor’s addiction started with a shoulder surgery and a bottle of Percocet. He would later tell us that when he took those Percocet, it made his “brain feel normal for the first time”. It was the match that lit the spark that hijacked his brain and led to his battle with addiction. He chased that feeling untilContinue reading “Shoulder Surgery and a bottle of Percocet.”

Taylor’s Story-Stop the Stigma

Coincidence? In the first few weeks after we lost Taylor it was all such a blur. I don’t remember much about it in truth, but thankfully my letters to Taylor in those early days remind me about some of the extraordinary things that happened to remind us we were loved and that the universe worksContinue reading “Taylor’s Story-Stop the Stigma”